Starting a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

Hi Everyone,

I write this new post to tell you that I am starting a new research project! From September 2020 till August 2025 I will be a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow! My new project title is “Novel tuneable dissipative optical frequency combs: from  visible to mid-infrared”. In this project I will investigate new methods to generate optical frequency combs (“multicolor” coherent light sources which act as ultraprecise optical rulers) with tuneable properties in optical resonators.

It is really a great satisfaction to be awarded this Fellowship, as it has been very challenging  to compete through a highly selective process (including a final virtual interview)!

Here you can find the complete list of this year awardees and their nice projects across the most diverse areas of Engineering in UK:

Now is time to start working!

I will be posting here updates on the project results and publications very soon, stay tuned!